In the same way in which trade unions form their confederations it would be interesting to organize neighbourhoods”. Following this line of thinking Saul Alinsky introduced in the 1930s the term “organizing” or “community organizing” as an adaptation of “labor organizing” (the organizing of workers by trade unions), thus extrapolating the concept to the context of communities and neighbourhoods.

“Organizing” is a process through which our collectives can generate horizontal, personal and collective power to change the unequal power relationship which characterise our conflicts with institutions and major corporations. To organize, to design our struggles based on the principle of reality is essential if we want our struggles to be successful. Organizing tries to unite our struggles in solidarity beyond one organisation, building alliances that allows us to achieve our objectives.

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08/02/2018 - 08:00

“Organizing is for people with problems. It is good as a tool, a weapon, a means.

Saul Alinsky
29/01/2018 - 21:44

Today Saul Alinsky would turn 109 years old. A sociologist in the United States, he is considered the founder of community organizing.